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Hook and Zelda (The newest Legend from Zelda)

Hook and Zelda (The newest Legend from Zelda)

Jackie and you may Jenny (The latest Darkness)

Jackie and you will Jenny’s love on the Dark could have been called “the essential genuine exemplory case of relationship ever before expressed from inside the a video clip game”, and it’s hard to argue with that point. Brand new designers perform a great job of fabricating people value Jenny, letting them only sit on your butt and determine So you’re able to Kill Good Mockingbird along with her once they very like to. Their relationships is created very well that when Jenny try torn out-of Jackie in the very beginning of the game, they feels as though a punch to the abdomen, and you may actually leaves each other Jackie and also the user dehydrated to possess revenge.

James and Mary (Silent Slope dos)

Early in Silent Hill dos, protagonist James get a page from their dead wife Mary, and visits this new haunting town of Quiet Hill in search from solutions. New fascination with his partner can be so good you to James is actually happy to brave the latest monstrosities wandering the latest avenue in the persistent quest to obtain the basic facts at the rear of the lady dying.

Even though some parece and you will Mary once the sad, yet sweet, there’s a silent Mountain 2 fan idea one to says one es’ vehicle the complete games. Whether or not this can be real can be translation, but there is some compelling evidence meant for the theory, plus it helps make the matchmaking between James and you can Mary come across because the macabre and twisted – certainly suitable having a hushed Mountain online game.

Johnny and you can River (On Moon)

To say that the marriage anywhere between Johnny along with his childhood boyfriend-turned-girlfriend River into the Moonlight try tricky might possibly be placing it softly. Brand new prize-profitable To your Moonlight works together a demise Johnny, since physicians make an effort to give your their need out of a phony recollections regarding traveling to brand new moon.