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These Credit Cards Can Help You Pay Back Student Loans

These Credit Cards Can Help You Pay Back Student Loans

In general, you can’t use a credit cards to pay you student loan bills (although, there are a few exceptions). But that doesn’t mean some credit cards can be useful while paying off student loan debt.

Sallie Mae launched three new credit cards – one designed specifically for student loan borrowers and the other two offering cash back rewards students can use to repay their student loans.

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards

This credit card offers 1.5% cash back on all purposes, which is a good deal, as many cash back cards restrict cash payouts to specific spending categories. You can also earn an extra $150 if you spend $500 on qualifying purchases within three months of getting the card. You can easily use the cash back rewards to pay your student loan debt.

Capital One – The Savor Cash Rewards Card

This card is great if you dine out a lot, since it offers 4% unlimited cash back on dining and entertainment spending – one of the highest cash back rewards percentages in the industry.