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The Ultimate Lady Power Anthem For You, Relating To Your Zodiac Indication

The Ultimate Lady Power Anthem For You, Relating To Your Zodiac Indication

As a Pisces myself personally, I’m having Pisces month very seriously-especially as a result of Foreign ladies Day on March 8! With March becoming ladies record Month, Pisces month is about woman electricity and exuding my personal many bad-bitch fuel, so however i would like a flames playlist to see myself through subsequent couple of weeks (and past!).

Cue Pandora, my personal OG fave sounds streaming solution. This season, they have teamed with Astrology in honor of ladies records period, and stolen Stephanie Powell-astrologer and mind of information for your site-to station the lady astro information into curating empowering playlists for each signal. I’m obsessed with this idea!

Whether you buy involved with it, the zodiac signal and birth chart really can express plenty knowledge in relation to your individuality and exactly how you understand the entire world surrounding you. And undoubtedly, consequently, this probably influences their style in tunes! If you should be a fierce Leo, probably you don’t get pumped up by slow music; if you’re a sensitive Pisces like me, maybe your anthem is actually much more subdued. But nevertheless strong!

Down the page, Powell has actually determined the number-one girl electricity anthem for every single sign, and Pandora has actually curated an unique playlist for every single indication to stream, whether their unique birthday is correct on the horizon. Blast yours once you need to be reminded you are a queen! And study onto find out if their very top track is already one of the go-tos.